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Equine Medicine

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As a mammal with a similar endocannabinoid system to humans, horses can receive many of the same benefits from cannabinoids as ourselves. A healthy, happy horse is a more successful horse. 



Stress in horses manifests in much the same way as people. Lacking the fight aspect of the typical 'fight or flight' response, calming a nervous horse has benefits from the Olympian to the backyard rider. Many calming supplements are dangerous, many more are not much more than a placebo. Cannabis has shown to provide humans and other animals the ability to retain their focus while reducing anxiety, and anxious behaviours.


Horses carry 1000+ pounds on knees smaller than a human. The rigours of jumping, racing and normal growth and development is bound to cause long-term joint pain and damage. Cannabis can aid in the reduction of inflammation and promoting homeostasis it encourages the body to heal naturally.


Jumping 5 feet or running a quarter mile in 21 seconds is bound to strain the muscles of even the toughest horse. The ability to recover faster means horses can compete more and live more comfortably between competitions. Multiple major sports leagues, including the NFL, NHL and UFC are examining the benefits of cannabis for their athletes. The World Anti Doping Agency removed CBD from it’s banned substance list in January of 2018, effectively allowing both human and equine sports leagues to allow CBD for both horse and rider.


Whether routine surgery or recovery from a near catastrophic situation, or for the regeneration of bone from arthritis and other similar structural issues. Cannabis has shown to shorten the healing time of bone fractures in other animals, reducing reliance on more potentially dangerous products.


Our Services

CannaHorse is a cannabis focused equine health company, advancing equine health through the medical benefits of cannabis.


Product Development

CannaHorse products will either be standalone cannabis products, specifically created to best benefit various ailments and uses, or cannabis enhanced versions of existing equine health products.

Testing + Clinical Trial Coordination

92% of equestrians want supplements to be successfully tested on horses prior to market launch. 93% of users require products to meet competition standards. This means any new product is going to have to go through strict testing, including manufacturing facilities. Practical tests among the equine community will be necessary for acceptance into the marketplace.

Equine Cannabis Consulting

The early data derived from the initial CannaHorse trials will be some of the earliest and most significant in the world. CannaHorse is establishing relationships with cannabis producers and veterinary companies around the world.


The World of Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis is becoming accepted in many of the world’s leading equestrian nations.

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