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Meet Our Patients

There are a multitude of ways medical cannabis could help your horse. Below we introduce you to a few of our “patients". These are fictional case studies outlining the various situations where cannabis could benefit your horse.

The names of our “patients” are all based on high CBD strains of medical cannabis.


12YO Dutch Warmblood

Issues: Nervous, lacks focus from excess energy.

Charlotte’s a 12 year-old KWPN mare. She’s been showing on the A Circuit in the low hunters for the past 6 years. Work-wise, Charlotte’s got it pretty easy, she packs around a teenage amateur for 8-10 show weekends per summer and a few rides per week the rest of the year.

Charlotte’s bored and she like to take her energy out in ways that don’t win ribbons at the horse show. The hour of lunging it takes to calm Charlotte down on show mornings, is making her fitter every week. It’s a vicious circle for the trainer. She’s also lived a sheltered life, so things like plastic bags are like the monster under your bed.

Cannabis could help lower the anxiety level in Charlotte’s body, lower her blood pressure and help her to focus.


2YO Thoroughbred Colt

Issues: Nervous energy, anxiety, ulcers, muscle pain.

By Johnny’s issues you might think he’s sick, but in fact, Johnny’s a perfectly healthy, growing two-year-old getting used to the rough and tumble life of the racetrack. It’s all new to him, there’s a lot of action, there’s girls around, sometimes he gets distracted. He can’t help it. He’s also nervous and locked up for almost 23 hours per day, it’s starting to get to him, his stomach is upset and he’s got a lot of pent-up teenage energy.

When Johnny works, he gets a little stiff and sore. He’s growing up, so it’s only natural.

Cannabis could help Johnny to calm down and focus during training, it will also help settle his restless mind the rest of the day. Ulcers and stomach issues are caused and exacerbated by stomach inflammation and the cannabis could help with that as well.


5YO Quarter Horse Racehorse

Issues: Joint pain, muscle pain, recovery, ulcers, EIPH.

Afghani’s been on the track since he was two. He’s been a good old servant, winning 15 of his 40 races for 5 different trainers. He’s found his place as a high level claiming horse and pays his way. He’s not unhealthy, but the years of racing and training are catching up to him. That trainer in Albuquerque injected him before every race, so there’s not much left in those old joints. He’s happy and has another season of sport left in him before becoming a ranch horse.

Cannabis could help Afghani recover between races, it could ease the pain on those old joints and help with the ulcery stomach he’s got from years of concentrated food and mediocre hay. The summer racing can be tough on his chest, lowering his blood pressure and relieving some of the race day tension could help keep him from bleeding.


8YO Irish Sport Horse Stallion

Issues: Aggression, Lack of Focus, Nervous Energy.

Shark can be a handful. He jumps big and is fast, but he’s also 17 hands and hits the ground pretty hard. After cross country at his latest 3* he can feel pretty stiff the following day. When he’s fresh he won’t focus and when he’s achy and sore, he won’t give his best. It’s a frustrating situation, but on his day, he’s almost unbeatable.

Cannabis could help Shark to relax and focus in training and on competition days. He could feel less stressed going into the day and feel better the next morning. The nights before and after, he’ll hopefully sleep better which will help his aching muscles heal faster as well.


3YO Thoroughbred Filly

Issues: Fractured pastern, anxious energy, recovery, muscle fatigue.

Blueberry is a well bred three-year-old filly, she was getting ready for her first start in December as a two-year-old and she cracked her pastern, it’s not career ending but she’s going to need some time to heal. When she comes back, the owners want to take it slowly and do the right thing, she going to have to go through a lot of different stages of fitness that all come with their own aches and pains.

Cannabis could help Blueberry to regrow bone during the healing process and help with pain and inflammation. While she’s on stall rest, the CBD will help to keep her more manageable and likely less prone to destructive behaviour.


6YO Polo Pony Gelding

Issues: Ulcery stomach, discomfort with activity, aches and pains of training.

Star is well on his way to a career with a professional polo player. He’s got it all. Most of the time, Star is the picture of health, he’s always sound, he takes as much work as you can give him and asks for more. Sometimes though, his coat doesn’t always look right and when he’s like that he can be a bit ornery on the field. His stomach gets upset during the polo season, whatever it is, the travel to games, the competition he gets ulcers.

Cannabis could help Star to recover from his ulcery stomach by reducing inflammation. Cannabis could also help with his everyday aches and pains from top level polo.